Dell Ultra Sharp U2415

Dell SE2716H

The Dell U2415 is an excellent choice for a user who plans to use this monitor for long hours during the day.


The anti-glare coating and IPS Capabilities, allows users to use this monitor for long periods without experiencing eye strain.


With a dynamic contrast ratio of 2 million to 1, it is definitely worth buying based on the price. However, if you are a gamer or wouldn’t mind sacrificing eye strain for some better visual quality then there are better monitors for you.


There are monitors out there with better response time and there are better alternatives out there for higher contrast ratios.



The AOC G2460PQU allows users a 144hz monitor refresh rate and a 1 ms response time as well as an 80 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio for a trade-off for TN Panel Technology.


WIth the 144 Hz monitor refresh rate, any gamer can easily feel the difference between the smoothness of the mouse movements compared to a 60 Hz monitor.


This monitor is ideal for gamers who want an affordable monitor under 300 dollars, preferably using it for competitive gaming, and does not require long periods of monitor usage every day.

Acer G257HU

Acer G257HU

Although Acer has been known for selling products at a lower price, the Acer G257HU is the only product available which has the 4k resolution as one of its main selling points under 300 dollars.


The G257HU also has a curved display for better viewing angles. A 4 ms response time which is not the best but acceptable to most users.


The G257U supports IPS capabilities allowing for reduced eyestrain. The dynamic contrast ratio is 100 million to 1 which is amazingly sharp for videos and gaming.

Samsung S27E390H

samsung monitor

The Samsung S27E390H is the best PLS monitor out there within the 300 dollars price range. Although the dynamic contrast does not compare to other competitors, the pls panels allow users to experience colours far more accurate compared to other IPS or TN panels out there in the market.


The S27E390H is also designed to target users who want the best viewing angles because of its curved monitor feature.


All in all an excellent monitor out there for watching movies. S27E390H is not the best for competitive gaming due to its 4ms response time but it is still acceptable to many average users out there.