Logitech G502


The Logitech g502 is quite an impressive mouse worthy to wield to satisfy for your gaming needs. Comes with a minimum of 200 dpi and up to 12,000 dpi, 10000 Hz polling rate, claw back grip, adjustable weights, dpi shift capability, mouse macro.


The 4g optical sensor of the mouse is made for high-end gaming to ensure smooth support for the 1000hz polling rate. There is some mouse that says 1000hz is supported but ended up not working well with the sensors.


The Logitech G502 is inherently comfortable to people with big hands and have fancy and have colourful LED design embedded in the mouse. The left and right click buttons aren’t stiff at all unlike some of the Razer mouses out there.

Logitech G900


The Logitech G900 is quite similar to its family members, the Logitech G502 and Logitech G903. The Logitech G900 has the wireless capability which has the advantage against the Logitech G502.


Although, the Logitech G900 doesn’t have the added weight capability; it won’t matter unless you lift really heavy weights on a regular basis.


The Logitech G900 is missing a wireless charging capability, which the Logitech G903 does have. However, there will be cost savings for you, if you don’t need that capability.

Steel Series Sensei 310

steel-series-310-e1523059834691 (1)

The Steel Series Sensei 310 is an affordable effective for professional gaming. The Steelseries 310 supports a minimum of 200 dpi and up to 12000 dpi.


Steel Series has managed to improve their sensor for this mouse from previous models of their line up to ensure that their sensor supports an effective 1000 Hz polling rate even though offered at a low price.


However, the downfall of this mouse lies within the design and comfortability. I did not like the grip of the mouse as much as the other mouses which I recommended on golden reviews.


The design does look cheaper than other mouses in the market, and the mouse does not have a wireless capability.


Although if you are on a budget and don’t mind these three negative aspects, then this mouse is for you.

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE


The Corsair Dark Core RGB SE is one of the flagship mouse in the market in 2018 mainly because the optical sensor supports up to 16000 dpi and implies a 1 ms response time.


The mouse is quite well designed and comes with a sniper button left of the mouse for quick and convenient sniper shots. I found the mouse quite comfortable and good for people with big hands.


The left and right click buttons are not stiff at all compared to some of the other mouses out there. Corsair allows buyers to choose to include the wireless charging capability with the mouse mat at a premium price.


Otherwise sticking with the discounted set up is more affordable.