ZTE Nubia M2


      The ZTE Nubia M2 is the top contender for best smart phone under $300, the exterior colour of the phone is precisely matched with champagne gold.

       Specifications for the nubia m2 is off the charts for phone priced under $300. Comes with an AMOLED Display which supports up to 401 pixels per inch in a 1920*1080 resolution.

       An impressive 4GB ram which allows several multi-tasking to be competent and an outstanding 13 megapixels dual camera and 8 megapixels front camera allows high-quality portrait and landscape pictures possible.

       The phone comes with a finger print sensor which makes phone unlocking extremely convenient.

       The only drawback is it only supports up to Android 6.0 marshmallow, but for this price, you can’t really complain.

Samsung S7 Edge

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      A renown smartphone which has achieved several dedicated and loyal Samsung’s fan loyal support. The smartphone is relatively still competitive in the market for a smartphone under $400 because there is not a tremendous leap from the sequential generation S8 and S9.

       The Samsung S7 edge comes with a Super AMOLED Display at a 534 pixels per inch which make videos show up detailed and sharp.Amazing dual quad-core and octa-core CPU processor.

        Gorilla glass 4 technology allows the S7 Edge to reduced breakage from a 1-meter drop 80% of the time. The main drawback is only supported up to Android version nougat 7.0.

Samsung A5


       Priced similarly to the Samsung s7 edge, its family member. The A5 has a significantly better front and back camera.

        However, it has a slightly lower pixel per inch of 424 and a noticeable difference in processor speed and a slightly lower battery life compared to the s7 edge.

         The A5 uses a type C charging adapter which supports fast charging while the s7 edge does not.

          If you want an affordable smartphone but need a decent front and back camera, then this is the perfect smartphone for you.

Blackview P6000


          Blackview might not be a well-known brand name but the P6000 is definitely an extremely competitive contender which appeals to certain consumers with certain requirements.

           The main advantage of this smartphone is that there are flagship battery life and fast charging ability. An outstanding 21 megapixels dual camera and 8 megapixels front camera to capture the best moments of your life. A decent octa-core CPU processor.

           The main drawback to this phone is it only has an IPS Display and supports up to Android Android version 7.11 nougat. if the battery life and camera is important to you then definitely pick up this phone.